JV Partnerships

Who JVs Work For

Joint Venture partnerships are an ideal solution for those who have financial resources but little time to invest. They allow you to invest your resources in great investment opportunities without having to worry about many of the hassles of acquisition, financing, and land lording. If you have the resources (cash, credit, RRSPs, etc.) but would prefer a more passive way to invest in real estate, keep reading.

Alternatively, joint venture partnerships can also work well for those who are interested in learning the business of real estate investing. Partnering with us on your first property allows you to leverage our experience and network. This is a great way to learn the process in a hands-on manner, while avoiding the many mistakes rookie investors often make.

How JVs Work

We have structured our joint venture agreements to provide a win-win situation where both Bronic and the client benefit simultaneously. We typically do this by providing the expertise and active management of the property, while our partner provides the means for financing.

Getting Started

To find out more about participating in a joint venture opportunity with us, please fill out our investor interest form and we will contact you with more details on how we can work together to create superior returns with minimal hassle and risk.